Silence (What's happening in Vigeland Park) from Sedef H on Vimeo.

Video & editing: Sedef Husevaag
Music: Sedef Husevaag via Garage Band

Vigeland Park is an interesting place to see examples of intended and unintended acts of vandalism. It’s very usual to see parents help their kids climbing on the statues or tourists putting funny objects on them  There have been a few serious acts of vandalism that actually damaged the sculptures, but what got me interested was a political action that has occurred in 2014. One night, members of Socialist Youth decorated all the sculptures with Palestinian scarf  to get attention to situation in Gaza. Yes it got quiet a lot attention and criticism. Director of the Vigeland Museum’ stated that the sculpture park is rather humanist, and definitely not a place for political statements like that. Is it really so?

“To Interview A Landscape” pushed me to question a relationship between sculptures. I also have photo series where I documented a relationship between sculptures and tourists, While we don’t mind including them in our 2 seconds selfies- without even looking at them- or in our political actions, what if Vigeland Park was a Netflix show with own characters full of violence, mystery, different thoughts, dreams, wishes and fears? You are welcome to watch the theme.

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Silence (What's happening in Vigeland Park) from Sedef H on Vimeo.