June 3, 2015 Noroutine

Adobe finally puts 3D characters on the stage!

Adobe CC announced some exciting features that will make 3D composing and printing much easier for designers. Apparently they have been negotiating with Mixamo, a company from San Francisco that works on customizing 3D characters and animations. They are planning to integrate Mixamo’s technology into Photoshop CC and make it available in 2D workflow. Sounds good right?

Mixamo makes it possible to reuse and customize 3D models, offers flexible lighting, environment, perspective and material adjustments, also helps to achieve more photo realistic scenes. For now, with Photoshop it only seems to exist for the animated characters. Adobe Team tried character customization in Photoshop workflow. The video below reminds me a bit of Machinima movies, but for now that is all we have and it’s still too early for a conclusion.

As a multi-disciplinary designer and CC user, I greet these news with enthusiasm. I am good with 2D illustration, but to be honest 3D design has been always my weakest spot. The reason is most of the neat 3D softwares such as Zbrush don’’t have an affordable subscription model. As a designer and photographer I am bound to a long list of equipment needs and softwares, so it makes it hard for me to purchase those one time “expensive” licenses. I use Sculpturis for 3D which is the best free option, but then it i’s very time consuming and sometimes frustrating because of the bugs. So any kind of improvement on that field is welcome. I am sure going to spend too much time on Photoshop.

Good news For Adobe CC users it seems like they will be able to reach it without an extra payment. Bad news for Mixamo users, they won’’t ben able to renew their subscription with Mixamo, but they can use the product until their subscription runs out.

Here I spent some time on Mixamo page with the customized characters, it was fun and guess what! They even have a dance animation for Gangnam Style.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 03.44.44
Adobe promises an incredible platform for more 3D innovation in the future. Is Adobe Planning to Build its own gaming engine? Will this go any further? I guess we can only wait and see!

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