May 24, 2015 Noroutine

Highlights of the week- Art, Music & Much More

Planet Earth Finally Has A Flag! 

It’s about time!  Just before the landing attempts on Mars we earthlings took another step for globalization. A Swedish student, Oskar Pernefeldt designed an international flag for those who commit space missions. All though it’’s not official in legal sense yet, it’’s highly logical initiative as the astronauts in space mission are not only representing their own country, but the entire human race.

When we look at the flag features we see blue background represents the water as it’s the most important life source in our planet. In the center of the flag we see seven white interlocked circles which represent the unity of the seven continents and these continents form a flower together which represents the life on earth. When I looked at it, the first thing I saw was Flower of Life ornament which is associated with some ancient historical and spiritual claims. I still like it but apperantly I was not alone annnd some people pointed resemblance of it to 10 Rings from Iron Man 3.

planet earth_1a

planet earth2aWe wait and see if this great idea will be official. There is a risk since the countries who invest on space exploration see it as a space parade for their nation and less likely to share the fame. Still it would be fun to see the future Hollywood scenarios where we mark our territory with this flag against hostile alien species. Obviously we still carry this territorial instinct.


About Marina Abramovic and “Completely Using Someone”

Earlier this week there has been a rumor about Marina Abramović being mad to Jay Z for breaking his promise to donate to Marina Abramović Institute.

Marina Abramović has been involved with famous rapper’s Picasso Baby video which has been inspired by The Artist is Present performance in 2010. During an interview with the Spike Magazine, Queen of the Performance Art slammed Jay Z by saying he didn’t keep his promise to donate to the Marina Abramović Institute and it was a “one way transaction”, he completely used her.

Knowing that Jay Z anonymously donated a big amount of money to help bail out protestors in Baltimore and he has a way positive fame better than Lannisters who always pay their debts, to me Abramović’s reaction looked like a setup or rather a staged performance ( maybe in control of both sides).

It looks like I was right feeling that way, the next day Marina Abramović institute has apologized to Jay-Z, saying Abramović was “not informed” of his donation. We love Marina Abramović but apparently Marina Abramović Institute is so busy with spiritual and mental development, that they forget to mention money. This time they reacted fast to fix their mistake, but I wish they showed the same sensitivity for their unpaid internship and volunteer announcements where they seek ““professionals with work experience”” that can commit at least two days a week. Part time work? No. Sounds more like a one way transaction.


Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 00.22.22-That feeling when you learn Jay Z keeps his receipts-

Meet The Guy Who Will Print Your  Instagram Photos and Sell Them For $100K

Yes, his name is Richard “”Opportunist”” Prince and will use copyright holes to perform his art (of stealing). He is known with taking other artists’ work, “appropriating” them as his own, and selling for big amounts of money without telling the owners anything. What’s weirder is, galleries like Gagosian support that unethical behavior and the worst part is there are actually people who pay for that.


According to Prince himself has said that copyright is something that “has never interested” him. “”For most of my life I owned half a stereo so there was no point in suing me, but that’s changed now and it’’s interesting.”

He was also kicked off Instagram in 2014 for posting a naked picture of Brooke Shields as a child. I took a look at his page and got upset when I saw how he ruined real artist’s’ efforts in a very tasteless, poor way. He seems like a weird lazy dude who lives his life by copying and collecting things. Ecosystem must have similar creatures but I don’’t think they make thousands of dollars with their lack of originality and self-obsession. While he is admitting on his page that he has no skills, they let him win every court case. If it’s not the irony at it’s worst, then what is?


-An appropriation of Richard Prince’s photo-


That “Ommmm” Moment Every Mad Advertiser Know

Mad Men final just ended like another great episode. It has been probably watched and analyzed by many people in advertising industry. I personally watched it only for the office scenes, soap part didn’’t really interest me. While I was familiar with the many behavior, I was not surprised when I see Don’’s spiritual enlightenment lead him to capitalism at it’’s best. After all advertising and capitalism are in perfect harmony.


-Don Draper’s “ommmm” moment-

Congratulations Sweden

Sweden is one of the most successful countries when it comes to Eurovision and their 6th victory came with Måns Zelmerlöw’s “Heroes””. It was catchy indeed. This year my three favorites were Belgium, Latvia and of course Norway. I especially liked Debrah Scarlet’’s costume (and omg her hair).  I don’’t know if anyone else noticed but she extremely resembles Princess Merida from the Disney movie Brave.


-Hair, more hair, so much more lovely hair-